SMILEPOINT LIPS – Lip regeneration with hyalorunic acid lip gel activated by LED lights


Moisturized and thick lips without medical intervention.

Natural, healthy, full and beautiful lips without cracks are important to all of us. We can owe our attractive smile and confidence to the fact that we care for our lips regularly.

SMILEPOINT LIPS regeneration provides effective help to achieve this. The regenerating application activated by LED lights helps us increase the hyaluronic acid level of our lips resulting in 

  • deep moisturization,
  • the creation of soft and smooth lips

due to its water retention characteristics.

The Smilepoint Lips gel activated by LED lights creates smooth and velvety soft lips during a treatment of only 5x5 minutes.

Full and seductive lips and success is guaranteed!

Price of a treatment: £19


Price of a season ticket for 5 treatments: £79




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